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    龍美達石材集團,Topteck Stone

    Topteck Stone Group (also known as Longmeida), founded in 2002, has been one of the largest enterprises specializing in stone mining, promotion and application, smart manufacturing and project implementation. The group headquarters building is located in Sanshan New Town, Nanhai District, Foshan. It has branches in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Yunfu and Shuitou, Fujian, including marketing centers, factories and marble wholesale center. We also have a decoration company called Shenzhen Zhonghai Decoration, It also owns TOPTECK, GFS, Diama and other stone brands. Moreover, Topteck Stone Group has owned / jointly owned multiple mines across Europe, Central Asia, West Asia, and lots of other places, many of whose exclusive selling rights belong to Topteck. 

    Topteck is the vice chairman unit of Guangdong Stone Industry Association, the executive vice chairman unit of Yunfu Stone Industry Association, the main sponsor and chairman enterprise of Stondo (Yunfu) Stone Industry Group, and has been awarded as "High tech Enterprise", "Guangdong Excellent Enterprise in Building Materials Industry", "Guangdong Demonstration Enterprise of Quality and Credibility", "Chinese Most Valuable Hotel Supplier", "Self-discipline demonstration unit of high-quality and trustworthy industry". The natural marble products produced and processed by Topteck have been rated as high-tech products in Guangdong Province. Topteck has passed ISO45001, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications. In November 2020, Topteck has been selected into the brand library of natural stone processing factories as the only A-level firm, which is published by the Bureau of Public Works of Shenzhen Municipality.  

    龍美達石材集團Topteck Stone Group

    Upholding the mission of “deliver the premium value of natural stone and lead the industry with sound brand development”, Topteck is determined to  "Making every project as a work of art, inheriting the rarity of the stone." Sticking to the core values of “self-improvement for benefiting others, brand first, customer foremost and respect for nature”, together with the concept of “co-creation, sharing and win-win” cooperation, Topteck has made its name in the industry with countless masterpieces around the world. It provides high-quality stone solutions for a series of landmark high-end star hotels, business centre, public construction and luxury residences.

    Topteck not only gets first-hand raw material resources but also provides clients with high-quality products at a far more competitive price. It ensures a unique and trendy design as well as a stable supply of large quantities. The inventory of the most widely recommended stone variety is more than 10,000 square meters. The group has procurement agencies in Europe, Central Asia, West Asia, and many other places. It has built a comprehensive fine material system, providing clients with a flexible choice of colors and prices. The life-cycle management of stone materials from the mine to the site enables Topteck to fully implement the designers’ ideas, guarantee product quality and low price, and provide clients with satisfying services. 

    Topteck is a professional stone material solution provider more than a normal stone supplier, striving to contribute to the success of classic works. In recent years, Topteck Stone Group has never stopped expanding its market, endeavoring to break the traditional constraints, and reshaping the stone industry. By integrating and developing more high-quality resources, the group aims to bring noble, quality products of the finest workmanship to the whole country and even the global stone market. Topteck Stone Group has developed an A-Z stone-sharing platform, which provides the service of project transaction, resource control, design and marketing, intelligent manufacturing, and project implementation. Topteck is intended to build an ecosystem featuring interdependent relationships which empower each other and contribute to the transformation and upgrading of the stone industry.


    ↑Gong Meihua (Andy Gong), Chairman of Topteck Stone Group

    The successful development of an enterprise is based on the unified efforts of all employees. “Provide every talent a stage” is the core culture of Topteck. The group advocates that all happiness should be based on the happiness of others. In order to create a happy, warm big family where employees have a sense of existence and belonging, the company often carries out all manner of activities, such as art competitions, employee parties, outdoor activities, collective tourism, professional training, etc.. Topteck pays great attention to the perfect combination of individual value and company value, it gives full scope to its employees, focuses on high-quality development goals, helps each employee to achieve excellent and outstanding achievements, and to create maximum collective value with an abundant sense of belonging and happiness. The company is deeply aware that an outstanding team can be bred only when everybody is let to display his talents fully, and that an enterprise can fulfill its promise only when it has an outstanding team.

    The stone industry in the new era is full of opportunities and challenges. Topteck will continuously innovate its technology, improve product quality, pursue excellence, and work actively to perform its enterprise responsibilities and promote the healthy development of the stone industry. On the other hand, Topteck will always keep exploring the world to find more natural, noble, fine, unique, and valuable stone resources, and do all it can do to provide perfect, luxurious, and high-quality stone solutions for the world.

    Topteck Stone, 龍美達石材集團

    龍美達石材集團,Topteck Stone

    In 2002:The predecessor of Topteck (Teyida) was founded in Shenzhen.

    In 2005:Topteck Shenzhen Co., Ltd was established.

    In 2006:Topteck and Teyida operate simultaneously.

    In 2007:Topteck Foshan Co., Ltd was established.

    In 2008:Plan to develop in Sanshui District, Foshan City, Guangdong.

    In 2009:2009 is the stage of rapid development for Topteck.

    From 2010-2015:Topteck develop both vertically and horizontally.

    In 2016:The production sector of Shenzhen factory was closed down and started the new plan in Yunfu City, Guangdong.

    In 2017:Purchased of industrial park land in Yunfu and launched the GFS brand.

    From 2018-2019:Topteck focus on stone business and established a new factory in Yunfu City, Guangdong.

    In 2020:Closed the production sector of Foshan factory and made a comprehensive platform layout.

    Since 2021:Full adoption of partnership model and brand strategy was launched.

    In 2022:New headquarters building delivered for decoration(own proprietary rights)in Foshan City, Guangdong.



    In order to meet the rapidly growing demand for stone production and processing, Longmeida Company purchased its own land in Yunfu, invested and built a processing base of about 46000 square meters, and the new factory opened in October 2019. At present, the production business of Longmeida has been integrated into the new factory in Yunfu, which is also called "stone sharing platform".

    Yunfu Factory is located in Foshan (Yunfu) Industrial Transfer Park (Silao town), it can meet the stone supply for undertaking large and even super large engineering projects. The factroy close to the intersection of the Guangzhou-Kunming Expressway and Shanzhou-Zhanjiang Expressway. The main building of the factory has four factories A, B, C, D, and a 10-story office building. The surroundings of the factroy are natural and elegant, with the fragrance of flowers in all seasons. The factory has strong business reception ability and novel business operation mode, which has been highly appreciated by the party and government departments of Yunfu City, and supports the creation of a new business card for Yunfu Stone. The new factory has also become a clocking place for stone inspection groups from all over the country.

    龍美達石材共享平臺,裝修高大上 石材龍美達


    In addition to Yunfu Factory, a 1500 square meter large marble material selection center and marketing office center will be established in Shenzhen in March 2021, which will have full regional advantages in serving the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Shenzhen Material Selection Center mainly displays the selected stone varieties of Longmeida for customers to visit and select materials, and provides stone solutions on site. In May 2021, Topteck also leased and built a large plate selection center of about 8000 square meters in Yunfu City.

    In addition, Topteck has set up a marketing center in Guangzhou, which is located next to the Guangzhounan Railway Station. The transportation location is very convenient. The headquarters office building under construction will be delivered in September 2022. It is located in Sanshan New Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, and is only a river away from Guangzhounan Railway Station. This is also our own property building.

    龍美達石材集團,Topteck Stone

    龍美達石材集團,Topteck Stone

    Core values: Self-improvement for benefiting others, brand first, customer foremost and respect for nature.

    Enterprise positioning: The engineering expert in hotel stone project.

    Enterprise mission: Delivering the premium value of natural stone, leading the industry with sound brand development.

    Enterprise vision: Build a stone listed enterprise with a market value of 10 billion yuan.

    Talent Strategy: “Provide every talent a stage” breeds outstanding teams and outstanding team to ensure the business promises are fulfilled.

    Business philosophy: Fashionable varieties, reasonable prices, satisfied products, moved services.

    Team spirit: All happiness should be based on the happiness of others.

    Cooperation concept: Co-creation, sharing and win-win.

    Slogan: The tall decoration matches the Topteck stone.


    龍美達石材集團,Topteck Stone

    TopTeck Stone Group (Foshan Topteck Stone Industry Co., Ltd. / Shenzhen Topteck Stone Industry Co., Ltd. / Guangdong Topteck Stone Industry Co., Ltd. / Guangdong Topteck Building Materials Co., Ltd. / Guangdong GFS Stone Industry Co., Ltd. / Guangzhou Diama Stone Industry Co., Ltd. / Shenzhen Zhonghai Decoration Co., Ltd. / GFS Stone Industry Co., Ltd.)

    Service Hotline: +0086+766-8888881 (08:00-12:00 13:30-17:30, except statutory holidays)

    E-mail: andy@topteck.cn

    *Headquarters office building (under construction):Building 9, Yi'an Science and Innovation Park (EPC Engineering Materials Aesthetics Museum), beside Foshan Sanlongwan High speed Railway Park

    *Yunfu Factory:Silao Town of Foshan (Yunfu) Industrial Transfer Park, Yuncheng Dirsrict, Yunfu Guangdong. You can call 0086+0766-8,888,881 to visit the factory or look for stone samples

    *Guangzhou Marketing Center:1618-1623, 16th floor, Block 1, Agile Space Time Residence, Panyu District, Guangzhou (beside Guangzhounan Railway Station)

    *Shenzhen Marketing Center and Zhonghai Decoration Company:No.646, Zhoushi Road, Hezhou Industrial Zone, Bao'an District, Shenzhen (next to Bao'an Airport)

    *Diama Stone:Home Garden, No. 188, Huangpu Avenue, Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou

    *GFS Warehouse:Yunfu International Stone Industry City (You can call 0086+13926538426)

    *Shuitou marble wholesale center:Shuitou Town, Nan'an City, Quanzhou, Fujian Province (You can call 0086+13926538426)


    龍美達石材集團,Topteck Stone

    ——Introduction to Topteck in November 2022


    WeChat official account of Topteck Stone Group

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